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Unfortunately, a tree may have to be completely removed. A few reasons This can result is from a tree becoming too large and hanging over or encroaching on structures and foundations, growing into roadways, becoming diseased or damaged from external forces that threaten the stability of the tree and effects of flooding or drought.

It is necessary to have years of training and experience in order to bring a tree down safely. We have the proper equipment to do so as well as the invaluable experience of our crew members. Safety above all things comes first. The foreman has to analyze every possible scenario before planning a take down because each tree is always unique. The kind of location, size, shape, and structural integrity vary greatly from tree to tree. He depends on his crew and their contribution to the team as well a insuring that the work area is secure.

The ground crew supports the tree trimmer / feller and also performs brush and branch chipping, then rakes and blows to leave a clean work area. Our crews have been praised by past customers on their courtesy and how nice the area looks after they leave. If you have a tree that is a concern, do not hesitate to call for a free quote. Appointments are always made in a timely manner and we guarantee a written quote at that time.

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